If it feels right, buy it … and don’t look back

I’m a student of human nature and owning a bridal salon gives me a front row seat to it. One thing I’ve found to be true (and honest, I’ve kept count!) is that 8 out of 10 brides will buy a dress style they never originally considered.

Why does this happen? I think we often fall in love with fashion that, while it looks great on Pinterest, just doesn’t work for us personally. This is where I come in – it’s my goal to help you achieve your vision by guiding you to what makes you look and feel great.

But even when you help a bride achieve her vision, she can have second thoughts. Some brides just can’t stop looking at gowns even after purchasing one. As I said to a bride who was teetering back and forth (and back and forth!) on her dress, “When your fiancé asked you to marry him, I bet it didn’t take more than a second to say yes.” She agreed. “You’re taking longer to make this dress decision than that life decision.” The purpose of my comment wasn’t to belittle her but to help her remember when something feels right, go with it! She agreed and said yes to the dress.

I recently had a client who was celebrating a 10 year vow renewal. I could so relate to that milestone in my own life. She had been on a campaign to lose weight, looked great, and wanted to show her man that she still had it after 10 years and two kids. The dress she thought she originally wanted just didn’t fulfill that vision and together we worked to find just the right one.

But not long after the purchase, my client called saying she didn’t like the dress and wanted her money back. I reminded her of that day in the shop and how excited she was to find a dress that showed off her gorgeous new figure. When she commented that she’d “felt pressured” into buying the dress, I explained that I was not a high pressure salesperson because I certainly don’t want to be treated that way and reminded her that she had loved her dress and enthusiastically purchased it. And I also reminded her that all sales are final.

My client wasn’t happy but she understood our sales policy. Weeks went by and then a funny thing happened. When her dress came in, she and her sister stopped by the salon for a peek. Once she saw the gown again, she remembered all those wonderful feelings – and fell in love with her dress all over again.

So what happened between buying the dress and seeing it again? Maybe when she returned home she started letting self-doubt creep in. Can I be a sexy mom? Am I trying to be something I’m not? Am I worthy of feeling this good about myself? As women, we’re often our own worst enemies.

One of my greatest pleasures in working in bridal is helping my clients achieve their wedding day visions. Allow our expertise to guide you – find your vision and embrace it!